Director of Product Management
Coventry-United Kingdom
07111 777 8888
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An exciting, dynamic and extremely adaptable individual who has grown from an experienced engineering manager to become a successful senior leader in large leading-edge technology companies.

Developed a unique skill set focusing on product management and marketing, engineering and manufacturing.


Having held senior roles within a number of high profile companies including:

  • Tandberg Products
  • Xilinx Inc
  • Newbridge Networks Ltd  
  • Zeeta Inc

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Career Highlights

Team Player - Results Oriented - Integrity - Interpersonal Skills - Diligence - Co-Operation Responsibility - Tenacity - Communication - Flexibility - Self Diagnosis Reliability - Public Speaking - Work Ethics - Resilience - Commitment - Profit & Loss - Sales Strategies Product Testing - Brand Awareness - Product Viability Studies

Core Competencies

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